What are the short- and long-term goals?

Information Architecture Timeline

The short-term goal is to craft a solution to information architecture problems encountered on lib.uconn.edu.

The long-term goal is to make the site more user-friendly by implementing Information Architecture solutions.

What’s the schedule?

Full Semester Schedule for Information Architecture Research (UConn Library)

Who are the intended audiences (for the research)?

The Web Governance Work-group of UConn Library and library stakeholders (librarians, administration, students & faculty).

What types of tasks should users be able to perform?

Users should be able to learn about the library (About), find resources in the library collections (Find), access services (Services), and get help using the library (Help).

How will content be created and managed, and by whom?

The content will be created and managed by the UConn Library Web Governance Work-group, which consists of: 2 web development student specialists (currently appointed: Samantha and Lyra), the leader (interim: Joel Atkinson), IT (Tony, Rick), and library staff (Holly, Jean, Terry).

Still needing to be answered:

What’s the technical infrastructure?

“We  have a dedicated WordPress server – probably more correct to say service, used to host the Library WP site as well as the EFTS and Health sub sites”

What worked in the past? What didn’t?